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Full suspension bike question?

i bought my first full suspension bike w/ disc brakes, i didnt get the manual to see about the maintenence of it, how do i maintain the springs %26amp; change the breaks? also they have quick release how do i take off the rims? i know how to do it on my hard tail but i never dealt with disc brakes beforeFull suspension bike question?
Go back to the place of purchase and get the manual. If they don't have it, return the bike. It is Federal law that manuals be supplied with new bikes.

Discs are precision things and you really shouldn't play with them on your own unless you know what you are doing after someone else shows you.

Quick releases are simple things, and their operation should have been explained to you at the shop where you purchased it. I STRONGLY recommend that you don't attempt to remove the wheels until you are shown how to use them since it is easy to use them incorrectly and place yourself in danger.

If you got the bike from a discount store, well, why do you think they call them discount stores? No service and no professional help along with a mediocre product... but hey, you saved money, right?

%26quot;There is hardly a thing in this world that one man cannot make a little cheaper and sell for a little less than another. It is the person that considers price above quality that is this mans lawful prey.%26quot; Moral- You Get What You Pay For.... talk is cheap, advice is free.

Ford fiesta mk3 n reg?

trying to change the front wheel bearing. got the brake disc and caliper off and am now stuck.cant get into bearing, seems to be a rotor thing in the way , how do u get this off, tried hitting it with hammer but no luck. any ideasFord fiesta mk3 n reg?
I'd seriously consider getting a garage to do it because you sound like you don't have a clue and i wouldn't want the wheel to fall off and kill you or someone else.

To do it properly you need to undo the driveshaft nut, the bottom balljoint ect and completely remove the whole hub assembly to work on it at a bench.

1999 Ford Expedition ABS light?

I own a 1999 Ford Expedition with a 4.6L, it is 2wd, and has 4 wheel disc brakes. The other day when i was backing out of the drive way the ABS light in the i nstrument cluster came on. So the next day i jacked it up and checked the brakes on the front, they were worn so i changed them and hoped the light would go back off and it didnt. What would cause this warning light to come on and what do i need to fix or change to make it go off or do i just need to reset it some how? thanks in advance for your help1999 Ford Expedition ABS light?
Yes, U do have to reset it, any shop with an ABS scanner can do it for U,

ask 'em 2 read a code for U, probably its a sensor, but U got 4 sensors, so its good to know which one1999 Ford Expedition ABS light?
The ABS light came on because there is a problem with the ABS system. Could be the ABS computer, or one of the sensors on the brake calipers.1999 Ford Expedition ABS light?
usually the rear sensor goes out on the rear end, but need tester to erase codes to turn light off

15" to 17" alloy rims?

I drive a 1.6 litre car with 15%26quot; rims. If I change to 17%26quot; rims, how will it affect the performance of my car? Also, do I need to upgrade my disc brakes?15%26quot; to 17%26quot; alloy rims?
They should fit with no trouble, however your Tires will be pretty expensive and not give you much milage as the stock wheels and tires it came with.

You will notice much better handling/road holding from the new wheel/tire combo, but you will also feel every rough spot in the roads you drive...and once the rains come along it might be a little slippery...

No you dont have to modify anything in regards to brakes, BUT better brakes are always a great thing to have!

Best wishes!15%26quot; to 17%26quot; alloy rims?
Your ride quality will probably suffer.

Chances are the 17 inch wheels will weigh significantly more. Assuming you're going to the same size tire, the sidewall will be much shorter, but the actual rim itself will be much larger, and the spokes longer. Part of what determines how smoothly a car rides is the ratio of sprung to unsprung weight. Unsprung weight is everything that is on the OUTSIDE of the springs/shocks. That means wheels, brakes, bearings, and part of the weight of the suspension components and drive shafts. The more that stuff weighs, the more the springs and shocks have to work to dampen the motion caused when you hit a bump. Thus you feel it in the passenger compartment more. Also, your suspension components will wear out faster.

This weight will also (perhaps unnoticably) affect your acceleration. Because you will have more weight to get spinning (and ALL of it is added at the outside of the wheel, where it's hardest to get spinning) it will take longer to get up to speed. You probably won't notice, but it'll be there. Oh, and the added gyroscopic effect of all that extra spinning mass could affect cornering, too...but again, you probably won't notice.

Oh, and you'll see a decrease in (city) fuel economy from the extra energy you have to use to get the wheels spinning. Again, probably too small to really notice.

Also, with a shorter sidewall in the tire, there is less tire to absorb impacts. This also results in a harsher ride. There being less sidewall also means there is less flex in the tire as you corner, which would result in crisper cornering. So it isn't all bad.

Upgrading your brakes wouldn't be a terrible idea, since you've got that extra rotating mass to stop. Also, you have more room for brakes now. But it probably isn't necessary.15%26quot; to 17%26quot; alloy rims?
you will get better fuel economy but reduced pickup, the handleing feels much better, don't worry about brake upgrades15%26quot; to 17%26quot; alloy rims?
The problem with upgrading rims is that, you are more prone to kerbing them -which looks nasty and can cost quite a bit to repair- and also, the can lead to less grip whilst cornering and ruin the drive of the car. I have read about someone who decided to upgrade his rim, and this is what he thought of the result

How badly is my car damaged?

I need to change my brakes soon. Im worried about the condition of my from drum discs though.

The ones on the back are smooth. The ones on the front are also smooth but they are wavy (bumpy). How bad is that?

He said I was suppose to be hearing scraping noises when braking. I took the car out today to purposely try to see if I would hear scraping.

Theres a slight scraping that happens after I let up off the brake. The thing is I also hear that noise when I hit a bump.

Its very faint.

Got any Suggestion?How badly is my car damaged?
Your brakes need to be serviced, but your not in too bad a shape. Have the drums and/or disc turned, and if they are out of spec replace them (thet will fix the wave). But dont let it go too long, because it sounds like your pads are nearing the end, and if they get to metal and metal you will just be destroying the parts, which will require everything to be replaced (and have a definate impact on your braking abililty).How badly is my car damaged?
get the rotors resurfaced..duno how much they charge there but here its like 10 bux for each one..but if theyre really warped ur just gonna have to get new ones...gonna be liek 30-40 bux each..+installation..with new rotors..shouldnt cost more than 150 installedHow badly is my car damaged?
I can't see them, but it sounds like time for rotors to be replaced or at the minimum, turned!How badly is my car damaged?
Im sure the brake shop can get them resurfaced for you, but if its bad enough you might just have to replace them, it won't be that much so dont worry. To get my rotors replaced on my Honda it is around $120-$200 for all 4 wheels depending on the kind of rotors i needed. not that bad, it happens eventually anyways.How badly is my car damaged?
Hi novatrek Sounds like you will definitely need brakes soon!If you can feel and bumps or waves they will have to be machined or replaced.The rotors have gotten real cheap for most cars recently so it shouldn't be a huge difference.Are you going to do them your self? HAVE A GREAT DAY!How badly is my car damaged?
Rotors can be remachined for around $10-15 each but it is usually not recommended. They are thick to help them transfer heat from braking. If you have them machined thinner than they can't get rid of as much heat and can warp a lot easier and cause a shudder in the brake pedal.

New rotors can be anywhere from $12-100 each. Go to or the website of a local parts store and look them up. If the rotors have the wheel bearings in them you'll need to regrease them and replace the wheel seals as well. Many just slip onto a sealed hub though.

You only hear scraping if the pads are worn extremely. Sometimes the metal tab breaks off so you should visually check the thickness of the pads anyway. Often the insides wear faster...anything less than 1/8%26quot; thick should be replaced. A set (for both wheels) of new pads can cost from $15-120. I usually buy the middle range semi metallic ones or ceramics. The ceramics don't have as much dust and are quieter. I'd expect them to be $35-65 for a set.

Your uncle isn't that far off. If you took your car to a shop like Midas they would double all of those prices and charge labor too. A brake job from them is often $300-500 by the time they are done with you.

My wife's coworker recently took her GTP to Midas. They quoted her $900 to change the fuel filter, replace a tie rod end and alignment, and replace the front brakes. They put a fuel filter on it but it didn't do anything...the pump was bad so they told her $500 to fix it. We paid them $75 for the diagnosis and filter change and then drove it to Autozone. I put two new tie rod ends on it, new rotors and brake pads, new fuel pump, and fixed a leaking hose. I charged them $175 for the labor and everying (including an alignment at Sears) was under $700.
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  • Can a 15 year old work as a mechanic, or is there an older "legal" age?

    I'm wondering this, because, guess what? Summer's here. I'd like something to do over the summer that will earn me money, instead of costing money. I'm going to be 16 at the end of summer (Sept. 2nd). Honestly, right now, a job is a job. I'd be lucky just to get any job at all. But I want to know if I could get this type of job, because it would be more money, it would probably be more fun, and i already know well enough what I'm doing ( well, enough for a simple job, like the kind at Big-O, or Jiffy-Lube, etc.). I know how to do the simple things.

    -change oil (duh).

    -rotate tires.

    -mount and dismount a tire.

    -patch a tire (unfortunately not plug...)

    -I have done drum brakes, but not too fond of them.

    -disk brakes. those are so friggen easy, I think most mechanics could do them with their hands behind their backs ( slight exaggeration).

    -I have changed a McPherson strut, but only once.

    I'm sure there's more, but the point is, simple things along those lines. Is it legal for a 15 year old to get a job in this field, or should I just wait till I'm 16? I know that 15 (or even 14) year ODs can do most simple jobs, but not ones considered to be %26quot;hazardous%26quot;. Is this one considered to be %26quot;hazardous%26quot;? I don't see why it would be, if all of the safety rules are followed (as with everything, safety rules were the first thing I was taught).Can a 15 year old work as a mechanic, or is there an older %26quot;legal%26quot; age?
    I doubt that you could qualify as a mechanic no matter how much experience you have. It depends on the state you live in, but most won't let you work in that type of environment. One way to find out is to call a lube place or some other place where you think you might want to work and ask them. You could also stop in and ask, but you might feel more comfortable calling and you can save yourself the trip.

    I have a Fiat Seicento and while changing the front wheel one of the bolts which holds the wheel on sheared?

    Now I only have 3 wheel bolts in. They aren't nuts which fasten onto studs but are bolts which screw into the part that the brake disc is fastened to and which I don't know the name of .I'm more worried about how difficult/expensive it will be to get the broken bolt out than driving on 3 bolts Any ideas pleaseI have a Fiat Seicento and while changing the front wheel one of the bolts which holds the wheel on sheared?
    Yep, did the same to my mates pug GTI. Take it down the mechanics they'll drill it out for a couple quid then its just the cost of the replacement. You should be fine taking it at low speed with three bolts till you get to there.I have a Fiat Seicento and while changing the front wheel one of the bolts which holds the wheel on sheared?
    Fix it as soon as you can, and keep an eye on it until you do. It's just a matter of having a mechanic drill a hole in the broken bolt and extracting it with an easy out, and then putting in a new one. Shouldn't be terribly expensive.I have a Fiat Seicento and while changing the front wheel one of the bolts which holds the wheel on sheared?
    With the wheel off you might just have enough of the broken bolt left to unscrew with a pair of vice grips.The part its screwed into is the hub,hope this helps,