Thursday, June 2, 2011

Changing rear brakes on Nissan Almera???

How to you change the rear brake pads and discs on a 1999 1.4L Nissan Almera? Changing rear brakes on Nissan Almera???
Changing disc brakes is easy. But even so its still a bit too technical to explain the entire process here on yahoo answers.

Best thing to do is get with a friend who knows how to do it, once they have shown you one time you will be able to do it from now on, its really not hard at all.

Drum brakes are a bit harder as they have many springs, but its still not a hard job. Changing rear brakes on Nissan Almera???
Jack up 1 side and remove wheel after putting it in gear and leaving the handbrake off.Remove the two bolts holding the brake caliper on and prise it off.Support it meantime with a piece of string tied to the rear strut.Remove the two caliper carrier bolts and remove it. Then remove the brake disc, it may need tapped to break the rust seal?Clean the rear hub and fit new disc.The brake caliper piston will now need wound back in clockwise,this can be done with either pointed pliers or pipe grips.Put the carrier back on,and fit new pads and caliper.Press the foot brake a good few times with the engine running to settle every thing back into place,Check the hand brake and foot brake are working ok?Then do the other side.Hope this helps Changing rear brakes on Nissan Almera???
disassemble the rear wheel.

remove the brake line.

dis assemble the rear drum brake.

remove disk and caliper.

Mount the New ones on..and do those steps mentioned above in revers order.

Personally i would advise just to go to a Garage for your own saftyChanging rear brakes on Nissan Almera???
I bought a new Almera (Sutherland built) and after having to renew the

brakes twice in less than 2 years I got

rid off the useless thing.