Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vx commodore rear brakes?

Hi all

This is the first time i have owned a car with 4 wheel disk brakes. my question is how do i reset the piston in the rear calipers as i need to change the pads, as far as i can see there are no slots on the piston to wind the piston back in. i tried breifly to push the piston back in using a g clamp but didnt want to force it bacause i know it can do damage. any tips will be greatly appriciated.Vx commodore rear brakes?
the only way is to use a clamp use the old pad as a brige across the piston set the g clamp in the middle and screw down evenly some times they are a bit tight remember once you have replaced pad to bed them in so they dont sqeal when you apply the brakes, to do this get car upto speed then apply the brakes slowly